… is sixty years old, a citizen of United States of America, he grew up in Kuwait and has been living in United States since 1972. Kamal has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University, Ohio, United States of America.

Kamal has been working for the Arizona Department of Transportation for the past twenty-five years. Currently serving as Pavement Design Engineer. Previous Engineering assignments included Traffic Design Engineer, Roadway Design Engineer, Highway Planning Engineer, design, contracts and specifications Engineer, highways and bridges construction quality assurance Engineer, residential buildings construction resident Engineer, scheduling and planning Engineer for civil design phases of nuclear power plants. Here is an article from Mileposts.

Nowadays everything is continuously changing; the nature and rules of work and daily living are changing. People expectations and needs and their understanding of their obligations are also changing. Therefore, the need for some guidelines and information has become very essential for the success and happiness of any individual.

In this world there is no reward for good intentions, for best work effort or for over producing. Reward and future are offered only to the ones who continuously follow new courses and utilize innovative thinking to motivate themselves and improve their lives.

Kamal has written and distributed (free of charge) the books and manuals listed (some of these files are large and may take some time to load)

These are a non – profit books.  Reproduction, making copies and free distribution of this book are dearly urged, and deeply appreciated, without permission of the author.Kamal’s dedication for helping others is born out his love for all humans and to all living things in the world, and to his belief in the universal law of “Reciprocation” (whatever good I do for others, will come back to me a thousand fold in the form of good health, life full of happiness and success for myself and for my family).

Kamal’s ultimate dream is, to wake up someday and find out that the world has become a better world, where all people are healthy and happy. Other reasons behind Kamal’s motivation for writing these books are:

  • Kamal’s endeavor toward helping all people to become happy, successful and well.  Kamal is always striving to find out ways that may lead to enhance people’s welfare and improve their career and health, live long, happy life and reduce their pain and stress.
  • The majority of people are occupied with so many priorities, and can’t afford the time, and don’t have the patience, to read through health books, that are hundreds of pages long, with extensive details (as if the readers are preparing for a medical registration licenses’ exams.)
  • Almost all published books are written with great effort, sincerity and diligent efforts.  However, their main purpose is not to benefit the people as much as to benefit the author